Power your home through solar energy

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A brand new Mayor of London-supported solar group buying scheme will start soon. Sign up now and we inform you once we start.

Why join Solar Together London?

  • Buy solar panels at a highly competitive price
  • We provide clear and impartial information
  • We ensure you receive a complete, high quality system
  • You can generate your own renewable electricity
50,000 households

have bought their solar panels through similar schemes in the UK, the Netherlands and Belgium.

How does Solar Together work?


    Sign up for free and without obligation for the solar group-buying scheme.

  2. 2. AUCTION

    Suppliers compete in an auction on 18 April 2018 to offer their best deal.


    From 7 May 2018 you will receive a personalised offer from the winning supplier.

  4. 4. DECIDE

    You have until 15 June 2018 to decide if you want to take up the offer. If you accept, the supplier will install solar panels on your roof.

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Solar Together London is a group-buying scheme, which gives you the opportunity to buy high quality solar panels at a highly competitive price.

The Mayor of London has teamed up with several London boroughs to organise this innovative scheme for homeowners as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to help deliver the vision of a zero-carbon city.